Wonderland Melt Bar

Wonderland Melt Bar

SKU: SB009

A modern twist on Christmas. Spiced macaroons are smothered in chocolate powder, market music is playing and the fairground lights are twinkling. This fragrance is almost good enough to eat.

Top ~ Chocolate, almond

Middle ~ Cinnamon, ginger

Base ~ Vanilla cake, maple sugar, coconut, musk.


To Use:

Break off desired amount of melt from bar, place in any traditional oil burner/warmer, along with an unscented tea light, and watch it melt to release scents of utter lushness.


Not suitable to be used in electric diffusers that release steam.


All our melts are hand poured in small batches using ethically and environmentally sustainable rapeseed and coconut wax and phthalate free, vegan friendly perfume oils.

All melts are packaged in fully recylable and compostable bags, which are from a range of eco friendly packaging called Envirolopes, which are products made solely from environmentally friendly materials, so when you have finished with your bar, simply place it into your recyling or compost bin.


Rapeseed wax with a blend of coconut wax

Phthalate free and vegan friendly fragrances.

Bar size

18cm Height

8cm Length

Produced and shipped by Songbird Botanicals.

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