Spider Crab Design Organic Cotton & Bamboo Tea Towel

Spider Crab Design Organic Cotton & Bamboo Tea Towel

A handprinted tea towel in organic handwoven cotton &

bamboo, the addition of bamboo in the fabric mix makes the tea towel more absorbent.

Organic cotton means no harmful pesticides have been used and therefore farmers can grow food, cotton and keep animals. Input costs are lower and they receive more for their crop.

The fabric is also woven using GOTS certified organic cotton yarn, meaning no forced or child labour, no excessive hours, a minimum/living wage and an environmental policy that

minimises waste.

Better for us and better for the environment.

Approximately 50 x 73cm. Recommended max 30 degree wash. It is normal for some fading to occur after the first wash, this is just excess ink.


Produced & Shipped by Brombles Handmade.

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