Scandi-Welsh Hexagon Beeswax Candle

Scandi-Welsh Hexagon Beeswax Candle


Scandi-Welsh hexagon beeswax candle Compliment the Scandi Welsh look with a 100 per cent pure beeswax hexagon candle. Poured by hand with love in Wales, this geometric style candle will burn brightly for approximately 45 hours releasing the honey-kissed scent of a Welsh summer. The single candle comes with a biodegradable sleeve. Beeswax is a sustainable form of wax and is suitable for those with environmental sensitivities. The candle comes with complimentary gift wrap (which includes some locally dried flowers and a wooden honey spoon). Please let me know if you would like a short printed message attached to the gift wrap. Dimensions 16cm x 5cm.

Produced and shipped by Purah Beeswax Candles.

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