Pair of Smooth Beeswax Taper Dinner  Candles

Pair of Smooth Beeswax Taper Dinner Candles


Pair of smooth beeswax taper dinner candles Welsh summer captured in a pair of pure beeswax candles! Using the finest British beeswax (including some wax from our own honey bees), these candles release the honey kissed scent of summer. The radiant light will burn for seven and a half hours. These candles provide the perfect finishing touch to any interior. There's nothing quite like watching the flicker of a beeswax candle to soothe the soul. Hand poured in small batches in Wales. The candles come with complimentary gift wrap (which includes some locally dried flowers and a wooden honey spoon). Please let me know if you would like a short printed message attached to the gift wrap. Dimensions are 24cm x 2cm. Produced and shipped by Purah Beeswax Candles.