‘Early Morning Light Over Malltraeth Estuary’, Anglesey

‘Early Morning Light Over Malltraeth Estuary’, Anglesey

This painting is of a scene looking South over the Malltraeth Estuary mid-morning in winter. It was a cold frosty morning and there was very little light on the foreground, really just some reflections in the water. The sky was ‘epic’, with the sun breaking through to the left and lighting up the horizon. There was a solid band of clouds over the horizon as well as a sprawling expanse ever upwards. It was quite something. In this painting, I worked to build the depth into the clouds and replicate the light at the horizon. The sand and foreground was more suggestive, with the highlights shaping the scene nicely. Original painting by Kenneth Weir. Acrylic and Oil on Canvas Board. Canvas board 30cm x 30cm / 11.81in x 11.81in. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Available framed or unframed.


Painted and shipped by Kenneth Weir.

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