‘A View from the Dunes’, Newborough Beach, Anglesey Print

‘A View from the Dunes’, Newborough Beach, Anglesey Print


Image size is 26cm x 26cm / 10.24in x 10.24in.

This painting is of a scene looking through the wooded area on the approach to Newborough beach.

Unlike many other beaches where there is often a very clear view of the beach as you approach it, at Newborough you need to walk through this wooded area (pine trees) before you drop down on the beach. It might sound strange, but there is always a sense of excitement as you anticipate the view you will be greeted with, once you see the spectacular beach at Newborough. On this occasion, the view through the trees was quite something by itself.

This painting has been done with oils on a flat canvas board. What I like about this painting is that the sky is very subtle with a few pink clouds at the top. The low winter light is approaching from the left and breaking through the spare trees, just highlighting sections of the ground and the tree trunks / branches. Looking at this painting, I hope it triggers an interest in what may be beyond the dunes, like how I felt when I was there. Limited Edition (1 in 150) Signed Fine Art Print by Kenneth Weir. Image surrounded by white border to allow for framing (approximately 2cm min.). Print is unmounted. All limited edition prints come with a certificate of authenticity.


Produced and shipped by Kenneth Weir.

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