A Weekend to remember in Cae Mabon

Updated: Jan 10

Fancy a weekend away with a difference? Somewhere secluded and magical?

We only live 40 minutes away from this mystical place, the journey consists of windy roads, sharp bends and hazardous turns. We had our fair share of reversing and braking and narrowly scraping past other cars by pulling into ditches and bushes.....But believe me it is worth it when you arrive and encounter a fairy-tale inspired arch that really does transcend you to a magical place.

A long, steep path through woodland takes you to a clearing at the bottom, where you are greeted by the very attentive owner, Eric. He gave us a guided tour of the 'village' and would entertain us in the evening with folk tales and songs!

Revived and Refreshed

We spent the majority of our relaxing stay gathered either in the thatched Celtic roundhouse or sat outside around the campfire. I don't think you realise how tired you are until you experience total relaxation. Your heart and your breath calms and a peaceful feeling washes over you in waves.

You will be taken back to basics for the weekend, which is so different from modern life and you can truly enjoy your environment. My eldest daughter did not check her mobile for the entire stay (parents of teenagers will understand the feelings of accomplishment and joy this evokes).

The rustic houses are made from straw bales, cedar logs, cob, stone, thatch, turf, timber and hempcrete. They are quirky and cosy. The children were very excited about the accommodation. There is a hot tub, which my husband helped get ready for the evening. It is fire heated, so it need to be stirred every 40 minutes! The scene was comparable to a witch stirring her cauldron.

Slow down and refresh

I woke up to the sound of a running stream and bird song. The kids had crept out earlier and were outside playing on the rope swing. It was the perfect way to wake up. We had coffee outside on a bench overlooking the stream and under the watchful eye of the mystical woman in the tree.

Fresh Air and Activity

Surrounded by nature, we spent the day exploring the woods. We followed the stream, crossed the rail track and were greeted by the beautiful Llyn Padarn.

This really is an enchanting place surrounded by the natural beauty of Wales. Remove yourselves from all the noise and distraction-instead enjoy the quiet and the solitude for just one weekend.

Cae Mabon.

Follow this link to visit the official Cae Mabon website: Cae Mabon

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