Here you will find stories for each of our talented suppliers, all of whom create wonderful products inspired by their creative minds and the love of Wales.

If you are a producer of handcrafted, bespoke, quality items produced in Wales and are interested in being involved,

please get in touch at enquiries@welshtreasures.co.uk 

Natalis Jewellery

I’m Natalie and I’m the owner, designer and creator of Natalis Jewellery. I have worked in all areas of the jewellery industry for over 25 years. I studied Silversmithing at the University of Central England in Birmingham's prestigious jewellery quarter. I design and handcraft my pieces from start to finish in silver and gold, in my home based workshop in North Wales. I consider my work to be elegantly pure, predominantly taking influence from Celtic patterning, knots and Welsh heritage.

Fruit Basket.jpeg

Susie Vaughan

I made my first basket in the 1980s from a magazine article, using willow from a tree

that had fallen down across a local brook. Intrigued to discover that you can actually weave

with a surprising variety of natural materials I began to experiment, gathering stuff from

local hedges, woods and my garden. Colour and texture are hugely important to me – none

of the materials are dyed, they are all the natural colours of the barks of many different


In 1994 Search Press commissioned me to write a book to inspire others – 'Handmade

Baskets from Nature’s Colourful Materials'. After several reprints it is now out of print (2020)

having sold nearly 30,000 copies.

I have exhibited and demonstrated my work in Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, France and

Germany as part of  the Welsh Government tourism missions.

For some years I have also experimented with felt, using local Zwartbles fleece with merino,

Cotswold and Wensleydale to create hangings, bags and accessories. Every piece of work is different and individually made.


We specialise in wooden toys and resources that promote the Welsh language.

Our family, which consists of two young children and a Welsh learner, were disheartened at the distinct lack of educational toys available that encourage imaginative and interactive play through the medium of Welsh.

Amidst the glut of plastic, we didn’t feel the market provided for parents who wanted classic, stylish products made from sustainable materials for their children.

Our range will aim to provide good-looking, essential wooden toys which encourage learning through play, weighted on numeracy and literacy, that will both grow and develop with your children, from their early years through to school years.

Calendar 2.png
Welsh Dragon V2.jpg

Crafts from the Clink

Bee has always loved to create and now that she has her studio built in the old police station (called The Clink) she can really have fun. She is inspired by the weather, things she has seen on her morning dog walk and the changing seasonal view from her studio looking out onto the wood and the field of sheep and cows.

The work always starts with the natural beauty of the glass she is working with. The kiln techniques have been developed to bring together the colour and various tactile sensations glass can imbue. Each piece is highly individual, full of bright colours and constantly varying techniques, patterns and textures. They are created organically over a number of days using a wide variety of kiln techniques with the layers built up one-by-one.

Art on Scarves

Lucy Hay is an Artist living in North Wales. Lucy is inspired by the beauty of the countryside, the diversity of the wildlife and the warmth of the people who live there. Lucy creates rather whimsical drawings of wildlife, flora and fauna. These drawings are then hand printed onto beautifully luxurious Cashmere Blend and Cashmere Feel scarves and shawls.

Camomile & bergamot shampoo bar.webp

Tree Bee Apothecary

Our store was created to provide handmade, natural, vegan friendly products that are effective, kind to your skin and the environment but do not cost the earth! Our range of Soaps are made with Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Olive Oil and Castor Oil. Our Shampoo Bars are made with Avocado Oil, Shea Butter, Olive Oil and Castor Oil. We only use therapeutic grade Essential Oils in our products so that you have the finest oils in our soaps and shampoo bars. We have two deodorant sticks that we have created. One is Vegan blend and the other is a Beeswax blend. Our deo sticks are different to others on the market in that we do not use Baking Soda! We use a blend of essential oils which help keep you fresh whilst the balm looks after those delicate underarms! They are also refillable too! At Tree Bee Apothecary, we guarantee that every single purchase you make will be amazing and that you can buy from us knowing that you are buying a small, batch made quality products that have a short journey from our place to yours. We never have and never will test on Animals!

Welsh Connection

We are a Welsh family run business based in South Wales. We create fine bone china gifts and homeware in designs to celebrate Welsh culture and promote the use of the language. We love Wales, and we hope that shines through.

Bee Honey pot 2.jpg
6 signed giclee print Bridge House at Me

Jayne Huskisson

Jayne is an award-winning textile artist living near Rhosneigr on the Isle of Anglesey. A graduate in Fashion/Textile Design BA (Hons), Jayne initially worked as a fashion designer before specialising in textiles. Much of her work captures the beautiful surrounding landscape with a contemporary twist. Whether a vibrant palette of painted silk or a collage of stitched appliqué, both are encapsulated by simplicity of line in Jayne’s artwork. Her style is naïve yet shows a sophistication and assurance in design with careful execution which she has developed over the last 20 years. Jayne has exhibited in Ireland and throughout Wales with work held in private and public collections across the world. Jayne is a member of The International Guild of Silk Painters, The North Wales Society of Fine Art, The Anglesey Arts Forum and The North Wales Craftworkers Association.


We create bespoke products such as coasters, chopping blocks, house signs and more. We are a small Welsh Company who source all our raw materials locally and aim to deliver the highest quality products.

Butterfly coasters.jpg

Cherry Loft Studio

Hi, my name is Jane Boswell and I am the maker /owner of Cherry Loft Studio. I design and make my own ceramics. I hand mould my ceramic bowls and dishes from semi- porcelain clay. This clay produces a very white, smooth finish that is ideal for bubble glazing or adding colour. Inspired by nature, my bowls and dishes are very organic in appearance, reflecting the shapes of pebbles and shells. To add a precious touch, I gild my products with gold or silver leaf. I call my business Cherry Loft Studio as I have a beautiful cherry tree in the garden where I have my studio. 

My love of painting continues alongside my ceramics. I am inspired by the natural world around me and especially the sea.

My paintings reflect an abstracted interpretation of my experiences of the outdoors.  I often add a bit of text or poetry to my work  and explore the way light and atmosphere play on the landscape.

Earring Dish ED CLS (1).jpg
Celtic Herbal - Baby & Mum Gift Box (Upd

Celtic Herbal

Our natural, artisan products for skin, bath, baby and home are hand crafted in Conwy, North Wales using nature’s finest ingredients for feel-good relaxation and indulgence. We harness the power of botanicals and essential oils, expertly blended with skin-softening agents to deliver a beautifully crafted range, free from parabens, sulphates, phthalates and other nasties. Drawing inspiration from our natural surroundings, we aim to promote lifelong wellbeing in a holistic and sustainable way, creating 100% cruelty-free products that are not only an indulgent treat, but a joyful necessity.

Max Rocks

My name is Sian Cartledge and I am the Founder of Max Rocks. Max Rocks was born when my Son Max began Welsh School in 2018. It soon became apparent that visually appealing Welsh Learning Resource was needed across Wales. Especially for English speaking parents like myself and my husband. As a trained graphic designer I decided to take on the task. I designed a box of simple Animal flash cards and after posting on social media for a couple of Mami friends and after a multiple of shares I’d sold 250 boxes and it was then that Max Rocks was born.

Fast forward 2 years and we now have our own offices and warehouse space and we sell Welsh Learning products, Welsh Cards, Gifts, Prints and Homeware. We employ mothers to pack our products in evening and weekends, and are an advocate for flexible working. Especially for parents. We now have over 600 products and are one of the most recognised brands in Wales. Plus we are eco friendly and plastic free.

welsh our year flash cards.jpg

Bethan Jarvis Jewellery

Bethan's designs are primarily of a nostalgic theme inspired by her late grandparents and their hill side farm in North Wales where she spent a lot of her time when growing up. The farm theme comes from her late grandfather who was a farmer and Bethan often 'helped' with mucking the cow shed etc. Her oak leaves and acorn/nature collections is inspired by her late grandmother who often took her on country walks, she was a lover of trees and flowers and this is where Bethan has combined childhood memories with her current work.

Oak leaf & acorn necklace.jpg
G Spoon 50.jpg

Brookwood Powys

We are a family run craft workshop making hand crafted wooden Welsh Lovespoons. We have many different lovespoons available, which are all our own original designs. They are made to suit any occasion, such as Weddings, Christenings, Birthdays, Anniversaries or any special event. All of our spoons can be personalised and are made using quality hardwood

Conwy Pearls

I'm Beverley and I live & work on the edge of the Conwy Valley overlooking the magnificent Menai Straits & Conwy Estuary. These stunningly beautiful surroundings help to inspire my designs.

I use Freshwater Pearls together with Agates and Jaspers and other lovely things to create unique necklaces, earrings and bracelets. They are all handmade by me in my studio in Conwy, North Wales. I studied for my Art & Design diploma at Coleg Menai in Bangor & managed to pass with a distinction. Much later on in life I studied Gemmology and then Diamonds at Birmingham City University which has allowed me to become a fellow of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain. I do love Gemmology but I also love to design and make beautiful pieces of jewellery that are luxurious yet affordable.


Julie Turner Ceramics

Triple Heart Spoon THS.jpg

Troy Pottery: In the Old Walled garden of Troy Manor house is a glass walled studio that has been my creative home for the past 6 years. From this beautiful location in an area of registered national parkland and surrounded by listed buildings and historic features I run an array of workshops and create my own collection of delicate porcelain ware. The old cherry orchard is the ideal location to focus on creative projects and escape from the real world for a while. interested in the symbolism associated with spoons. My studio, situated in an area of historic welsh parkland, was the ideal location to explore the welsh obsession with spoons, given traditionally as a symbol of Love, from husband to wife. My spoons, made from delicate porcelain and high fired, have grown from their functional roots into more symbolic and historically inspired pieces. Strongly associated with the tradition of Welsh Love Spoons they are complex structures of delicate, interwoven forms. Representing our friendships, relationships and families, they speak of the beauty and complexity of modern relationships.


Welcome to Liquorice. My name is Heidi and I run my business using all things woolly from my home (The Fluffatorium), a stone’s throw from the beautiful Three Cliffs Bay on the Gower Peninsular in Wales. My love of wool stems from childhood. My mother was constantly knitting something; my family were never without a hand-knitted creation, from jumpers and slippers to intricate baby shawls and matinee coats. My fascination with wool led me to experiment with felting and more recently, rescuing damaged welsh blankets and reworking them into quirky modern household accessories. I love colour, I love texture, I love making - I have the best job in the world.

Gwen Bogwyn.jpg
30 CL Jar with Box Pomegranate Black.jpg

Dewberry Candle

We founded Dewberry Candle with one goal in mind: providing a high-quality, luxury Candle. Our passion for excellence has driven us from the beginning and continues to drive us into the future. We know that every product counts and strive to keep all our customers happy. Each candle is individually hand poured to give you the ultimate bespoke candle. My name is Sofia Dewberry and I am a local resident to the North Wales area. At Dewberry Candle we make home-made, hand poured quality candles. I have a passion for candles and for years I have purchased candles from stores where I spent thousands. I could not find many natural candles, most were made from paraffin wax and not natural ingredients or the scent was not strong enough so left me disappointed. So we came up with an idea to make our own Soy wax candles which would smell amazing with a lasting scent. We started with making our first candle in our kitchen gathering our pots and pans, mixing our ingredients and experimenting to get the perfect lasting scent. This was a messy affair! We went to distributors in the UK so we are giving back to our economy and decided to start our own little venture. We now make our own candles at home. Each Candle is hand poured with quality ingredients and I am proud to say that they are made in Wales. The result was not one we expected and wanted to share with you our journey. Being a young business owner is hard and challenging but I have had some great support. I am hoping Dewberry candle satisfies those who are candle crazy, like me!

Helen Howlett Art Works

I create a variety of works inspired by the vigour and ever changing elements of the natural world surrounding my home and studio in Snowdonia. My approach is to seek to interpret the essence and dynamism of a scene, often by using mixed media. In order to engage in a meaningful way with my subject and to give my art an authenticity, I often incorporate physical elements into my pieces. For example, I might use sand mixed into paint for a beachscape or dried bracken on a view of a hillside. My work has been hung at the Royal Cambrian Academy in Conwy, The Museum of Modern Art in Machynlleth, The Mostyn Gallery in Llandudno and Storiel, Bangor.

10 Night Owl 2.jpg

Purah Beeswax Candles

Spring Bouquet Beeswax Candles.jpg

My name is Helen and I am a candle maker! I didn't ever set out to make candles - infact, I started my career teaching History to budding historians at a local secondary school and did this happily for fifteen years. I took time out to have three wonderful children and it was in this time I started seriously considering a change...I have always been quite passionate about the environment - from recycling to making my garden and allotment as green as possible, attracting and supporting as many forms of wildlife as I can. My husband, about 12 years ago, decided to keep bees - something that his grandfather had done before him after receiving his old beehive. At harvest time, he would always have some beeswax left over and it was here that I started looking into what had traditionally been done with this beautiful material...and so I started to make beeswax candles. After doing some research, I realised that the candle market is huge - and yet the majority of candles being used are frighteningly toxic, coming from unsustainable sources.  It was on reading this that I set up my own business - I wanted people to have the option of burning a candle that did not have a hefty environmental price tag or be detrimental to their health. I am proud to say that my candles are 100 per cent pure beeswax, coming from our own bees and from other British beekeepers and the packaging that they come in is as eco-friendly as can be - wood wool from FSC sources and boxes that have been made from recycled materials and that are biodegradable. I absolutely love my new line of work - I feel I am doing my bit for the planet whilst connecting with the past - as beeswax has been used for thousands of years by cultures all around the world. I’m fascinated also with all the folklore associated with bees. I haven't quite finished teaching...I now go into schools/playgroups/Brownies and Scouts/WI groups and teach children and adults all about the importance of our bees and what we can do to help them. Now more than ever, do these magnificent insects need our attention and they’ve certainly got mine.

Kenneth Weir

I am a traditional artist and I currently live on the beautiful island of Anglesey in North Wales. I mostly paint landscapes, and particularly I love capturing cloudy skies and expansive scenery. I sell original paintings and limited edition fine art prints. The paintings are offered framed or unframed.


Alwyn Dempster-Jones

I have climbed the mountains and explored the valleys of North Wales and drawn and painted for as long as I can remember. Paintings are invariably executed on location with copious colour notes and sketches then finished in my studio.

 I find inspiration in the detail of a dry stone wall, the poignancy of deserted farms, the echo of empty forests and animated streams. I can also be inspired by an O.S. map or a favourable weather forecast. I walk a lot!

 I studied at Manchester College of Art and Design and Cardiff University, I have had artwork reproduced by The Sunday Times, The Times Educational Supplement, The Observer and many periodicals, produced advertisements for Yorkshire Television, designed and illustrated books and other publications as well as exhibitions for The National Trust, The Rambler’s Association, The Concrete and Cement Association, The Welsh Books Council, Kellogg’s, Marks & Spencer, BBC and many others.

 Paintings have been exhibited in major galleries throughout the country and my work can be seen in many corporate and public collections including Airbus, AirAsia, Castle House, Clwyd County Council, Maelor Pharmaceuticals and Unilever. My paintings are also found in many private collections in this country and in the USA, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, France, Germany and Chile. Published by RotoVision and Blurb and was recently featured in ‘A Dictionary of Artists in Wales, Post-war to Post-modern’ by Gomer Press.

Offa's Dyke Path.jpg


slatecopper pendant.jpg

I am primarily a fine artist, born in South Wales and now living and working in the West of Wales. I have worked across a broad range of disciplines, including sculpture, ceramics, print, film and installation.

I studied at The University of Wales and The West Wales School of the Arts, and have recently been selected as a member of The Royal Cambrian Academy.

Exhibiting widely, my work has been purchased by corporate and individual collectors, both nationally and internationally.

Copperworks : The story

I started getting involved with copper when someone gave me an old, unwanted, water tank in around 2002. I started to imagine different ways of using the material and to experiment with it...how it physically worked..and how to work with it... I found it to be both a beautiful and fairly malleable material, that combined perfectly with aluminium and slate. I believe we should re-use materials, rather than throw them away, to avoid adding to the waste problems that are contributing to the destruction of our incredible planet and all the life it supports.

There is also the 'kick' that comes from making something beautiful from something considered to be 'scrap'. I love working with my hands...As a painter, I am very interested in textures, materiality, forms, colour and composition. I try to translate these fine art practices into all of my pieces. Over time, my work has evolved into making mobiles and hangings, incorporating wood, slate and other ‘found’ materials.

Lynda Shell Textiles

I am a textile designer making handmade bags & purses form a workshop in my garden at home in Wales. My journey began at the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff, where in 2004 I was awarded a first class BA Honours degree in Contemporary Textile Practice - a fine art based course.

I fell in love with silkscreen printing and looked to explore ways to create unique patterns. Having a passion for history I have always enjoyed visiting museums, especially military, transport and industrial museums where the stories and the interesting artefacts within them fascinate me. I soon realised that this was a great source of inspiration to create my own pattern designs. I began by photographing old tools, military items and all manner of mechanical & industrial devices, cogs, dials and engine parts from old aircraft, ships & vehicles for example. This is perhaps an unexpected starting point when you look at my final patterns but this is what I love about the process of design, the possibilities are endless and the journey is extremely individual.

Using a computer programme I would then select from the photographs interesting abstract shapes and textures. These details were then further developed into pleasing contemporary patterns and then exposed on to a screen ready for printing.

I like to use high quality natural materials such as linen, wool and leather. These fabrics are extremely hard wearing & durable and I am keen to ensure a practical and sturdy construction when creating my bags so that the finished product will not only look good but will ultimately last.

My work is my passion and I am happiest when I am creating and making.

Handmade items are very special and I believe there is nothing nicer than owning something lovingly made by hand that also has a story to tell hidden in its creation.

Backpack Charcoal_gold.jpg

Phil Barrow

River Guardian.jpg

I am a retired local artist living in beautiful North Wales. There are so many subjects to paint in North Wales from ancient castles with history to majestic snow capped mountains and lakes – huge valleys and deep gorges with rivers gushing through them-an artist’s wonderland. I have over the years tried to explore many of these fantastic places with friends and family and my paintings are the result of the inspiration of some of those visits. Painting has always been my passion. Even as young boy I loved to doodle even to this day I still find myself doodling those childhood images. The medium I use is mainly oil; however I am now also using acrylic paints or a combination of the two to achieve the desired results. I have never received any formal training for my artwork it is something that comes naturally to me and I am now pleased to be member of Art North Wales. I find that you learn so much from the paintings whether it is a castle or mountain when you go to visit them again you see the image in detail you painted. I try to challenge myself with my art: not always taking an easier option: if successful it brings great satisfaction. I am a widower and I work from home.

Silvan Skincare

As a trained massage therapist I was looking for products that added something to the hands-on work I was doing. There wasn’t anything that worked for me in the way I wanted. I was looking for a long oil that soaked in quickly so that I could work deeply without sliding around. I also wanted a choice so that I could select different oils for different needs, for example inflammation, post-injury, scar work, stuck tight congested muscles, purely relaxation, etc. I have sensitive and reactive skin and have always been looking for gentle products that work for me and my family. I understand the benefits that plant-based ingredients can bring to the skin and I base my formulations to make the most of them. Each ingredient is carefully chosen for a specific purpose – for nourishment, protection, soothing inflamed or damaged skin, or extra nutrients for dry or sore skin. I blend the products in small batches using a range of oils from seed kernels, fruit and nuts together with precious oils from plants such as papaya, evening primrose and camellia. Skin is living tissue and will respond to its environment (weather, pollution, diet and stress). I am a believer in less is more when it comes to skincare, seeking and creating blends to harmonise, stabilise, and strengthen the skin whilst supporting it to carry out its important functions. My ethos is to create gentle skincare products that are truly natural and don't irritate or harm the body or the environment.

Marshmallow and Canenduka Hand Cream.jpg

The Little Welsh Woodshop


We established this fine woodworking business  so that we could share our craft and sell a few items. However the business has grown a little and we now have a gallery/shop alongside our workshop, we have also completed some commissioned work in the corporate sector, alongside many items for private individuals ranging from large items of furniture to house signs. Our philosophy is that if it’s made of  wood  we can make it in our well equipped workshop. We are looking forward to coming out of lockdown so we can resume our craft fair adventure.


I have been  a woodworker for over 20 years. In this time I have gained valuable experience in all aspects of the craft. Susan started to get interested about 5 years ago, however her skills are in the finishing of the pieces that I make,  ready sell on to you.

I have written several articles for the magazine Good Woodworking which has now merged with the Woodworker.

Mountain Garden Botanics

Mountain Garden Botanics is a family run company based on Esclusham Mountain in North Wales. We have a huge passion for animals, wildlife and living with the land. Planet Earth is a remarkable place with a huge source of natural ingredients which over time have been replaced with manmade chemical substitutes. Our mission is to bring it back to nature for everyday products for us, our pets and our homes while being conscious of the packaging we use.

Herbilicious Soap 2.png
Bulbous block weave log basket.JPG


I am Amanda Rayner, I began Wyldwoodwillow back in 2000 after learning to weave with a friend of mine. I made a willow coffin, very early on for a child I lost to SIDS and the rest as they say is history… Through willow weaving- I found that not only did I have an aptitude for the material itself but it helped to still me and provide me with a sense of wellbeing and inner peace. This being far too good to keep to myself I chose to put myself on a basic City and Guilds teaching course in order to share my newfound skills more effectively. Within a few years I was sharing with a diverse group of people and getting commissions for all sorts of weird and wonderful things. These days as well as running a wide range of willow weaving workshops I make a wide range of baskets, coffins living willow structures and fencing and willow sculpture for home, garden, shops and film and theatre. This is how my business has flourished and continues to inspire 20 years on.


We are creators of ornamental glassware using hot glass in a flame of over 2000 degrees centigrade. All our items are handmade using the skill and imagination of our glassworker. Designs arrive from all sorts of places, and it's adapting those ideas with the technicalities of handling glass rods in the flame, with regards to handling and working the fluid molten glass. Every item is kiln annealed which balances out the stress created within the piece during creation. Colour is applied to these pieces after the clear item is complete, using metal oxides or lamp lacquer and again the piece is brought to temperate in the kiln to make the colours permanent. Our range of glassware is both traditional and contemporary, with established and new designs. Made distinctive in the style of the maker. We send our pieces successfully all over the world and look forward to the challenges that new commissions bring.

Hanging Glass Hairy Seahorse with words

Vanilla Jewellery

Hi, I’m Vicky and I started my micro business, Vanilla Jewellery, in 2011 based at my home in Rhuddlan, North Wales. At the beginning, Vanilla Jewellery was all about designs using glass beads. The business grew and I began supplying boutique gift shops across the UK with my colourful designs. However, more recently I have let loose my more creative side and I now handmake all of my beads, earrings and pendants from polymer clay. It’s a wonderful medium to work with, very versatile, fantastic colours and amazing results. My trademark style has always been the use of colour and the velvety texture of the polymer clay once baked results in gorgeously tactile and unique pieces that are lightweight to wear, but real statements. I hope you like what you see because I really love making them.

Behiold the Lamb print.jpg

KK Sharma

KK Sharma is an artist and printmaker, based in North Wales. She trained in Fine Art at Byam Shaw School of Art, London and Printmaking at Anglia Ruskin School of Art, Cambridge. She relocated to Wales in 2013 and exhibits regularly with Aberystwyth Printmakers.

Bill Gribble

Bill has lived and worked in North Wales for over 40 years. Creatively, he is influenced by his surroundings and the natural world. His very successful, ‘Retrospective Exhibitions ‘ at The Harbour Gallery, Conwy, North Wales, Oriel Ger-y-Fenai, Anglesey, Bodnant Gallery, Bodnant Gardens and Oriel Plas Glyn y Weddw showed Bill’s use of a range of media including water-colour, oils, acrylics , pen and ink and sculpture in jesmonite © . Bill’s works embraces a wide variety of representational and impressionistic styles. He is currently working on an extensive series of seascapes based upon the magnificent coastline of the North Wales and Anglesey. Commissioned work includes paintings of boats for boat owners and local scenes including Snowdonia and Llandudno Pier. Bill‘s studio is based in North Wales. Paintings, including landscapes, boats, animals and portraiture work can be commissioned by contacting the artist. Interior design ideas, Sculpture and Tromp L'oeil can also be discussed and designed and work undertaken.

‘Denning Pedr’.jpeg

Broadleaf Carpentry Ltd

We have been making handmade furniture for a number of years as’ Broadleaf Carpentry ltd’. We both share a passion for quality handcrafted furniture. We oppose the ‘throwaway society's’ values that are so common these days and wanted to create pieces that can be bought to last a lifetime and be passed down to become future air looms. We have a small workshop in the heart of Snowdonia where we produce high end bespoke fitted furniture as well as one off freestanding pieces.


Claire Cawte Textiles

I’m Claire, a Welsh textile artist and designer creating delicately eco-printed botanical silk scarves. All my scarves are naturally dyed using sustainable plant-based dyes often sourced locally from foraging and gathering whilst walking in the countryside and woodlands nearby, or from the plants and vegetables that I grow in my garden. All of the processes and materials I use are consciously chosen to have as little impact on our environment as possible. My scarves are dyed by hand, a calm meditative process having it's own natural rhythm but one that allows me to stay connected with the materials and the journeys they make. Using a wrapping technique, small bundles of cloth are peppered with leaves and petals then made into precious parcels that once steamed provide beautiful, fortuitous patterns. Flowers, leaves, bark, and berries embellish the fabrics, infused with tones provided by nature’s own colour palette. I create bespoke scarves and wraps with each design being as unique as the flora used to make it. Luxurious and contemporary with a softness you wish to touch. Tactile with a warmth you wish to wrap yourself up with. Each one has been carefully finished by hand, and wrapped lovingly for you or ready as a gift for someone special.


Fabulous Feltings

Inspired by colours from worldwide travel and textures from the Tywi Valley, Jane creates beautiful and fabulous wearable wet-felted art. Using wet and nuno techniques (which fuse fabric with fibre) her specialties include throws, wall-hangings and wraps all lovingly made in her riverside cottage. During lockdown Jane indulged in another passion – Cyanotypes (Blue prints) – a photographic art form originally developed in the 1840s. A selection of original mounted cyanotypes are available on this site. In addition, Jane has started full-day wet felting workshops in her riverside cottage studio where a few friends can get creative, learn a new skill, relax and go home with 3 samplers of your own work. During the Pandemic restrictions Jane began giving lessons via zoom which have connected felters worldwide. Please contact Jane if you would like further information.

10 - Fine curl wrap V2.jpeg

Gary Griffiths Art

I am a watercolour artist and love to interpret the landscape of Wales in my work. I enjoy the exciting immediacy of painting in the medium of watercolour. I aim to go with the unpredictability of the medium and uncertainty of the outcome, trying to restrain the urge to control too tightly. The process often starts with a specific idea and careful planning which then gives way to allowing things to go their own way. My work has been exhibited and sold in galleries across Wales and in Ireland.

Abereiddy print new.jpg



Working with patterned vintage china I have developed a collection of exciting jewellery. Rescuing and repurposing items that have otherwise lost their worth. Fragments of china are cut, shaped, drilled, edged and linked by hand with Sterling Silver findings. The 'mend' is therapeutic, sustainability is current, the beauty in preservation will feed the soul and nurture contentment. It is the essence of object preservation and restoration that appeals, leading me to pursue this particular creative path. Bonding, linking, bridging the gaps with all forms of mending has flowed in and out through the various stages of my creative development. I am a fixer of all things, before textiles and art I even brought injured animals home to mend. Textiles allowed me to explore mending with stitch, bonding, glue, and chainmail linking. An appreciation of the impermanence of objects and finding beauty in the incomplete and the unconventional has guided my development.

Katherine Jones Art

I am an artist based in Cardiff. My work comprises memory boxes – curated collections of found & treasured objects – as well as intricately detailed pen & ink drawings. I collaborate closely with people to discover meaningful objects from their life. I then alter, assemble & craft the objects into bespoke artwork. Each object tells its own story, yet together they take on a symbolic whole that is representative of that person, special place or moment in their life. My work Mamgu’s Boxes was featured on Radio 4 in May 2020. I also produce pen, ink and watercolour drawings of landscapes, cityscapes, individual buildings and animals inspired by my architectural training. I have completed commissions for the National Trust, National Museum of Wales and Cardiff University. The pen and ink drawings represent familiar places in unique ways. I find the beauty, detail and patterns of familiar settings and objects, and reinterpret these into my artwork. The landscape and city drawings are built up with detailed line work to create an unusual and rich tapestry of patterns.


Rock Mill

Welsh tapestry throws produced at the last water powered woolen mill in Wales built by the great 

grandfather of the present owner in  1890 (spinners & weavers of traditional welsh woollens).



I’m Cara and I left my secure 'job for life' as a university lecturer....to walk my local beaches, clearing rubbish and finding sea glass treasures (mostly originating from shipwrecks and rubbish dumps on Anglesey), and I have never looked back! My business SeaPig, that I run with my husband, allows me to spend more time with my children and pursue a more sustainable life. I don’t polish or alter the glass after finding it; I just spend a lot of time sorting my glass to select the best pieces for each creation. I create a range of styles and do hope you see something that takes your fancy!

thumbnail_stacked pendant blue green col
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Shetlands of Penlon

Penny and Stefan Samociuk run the Shetlands of Penlon flock. Penlon Farm is situated 4 miles from the unspoilt West Coast of Wales. They began breeding Shetland sheep in 2011 after many years breeding pedigree Suffolk. Although the flock is relatively small they have tried always to buy in the best rams to constantly improve their flock's fleece and confirmation. The flock has produced several winners and placements recently in the local Agricultural shows. The flock is made up of mainly solid colours, black, moorit, fawn and white, with a few grey katmogets and other patterns. Its primary purpose is to produce wool and woollen products although they also sell lamb, hogget and mutton meat boxes. The lambs are raised mainly on grass, and other conserved forage when necessary, and over wintered out doors on unimproved grazing rich in a variety of herbs and grasses. We pride ourselves in producing fit healthy animals who go on to gorgeous naturally coloured knitting yarn and wool products such throws/rugs, and cushions

Songbird Botanicals

Hello, my name is Zoe and I am 38 years old and from Merthyr Tydfil in the South Wales Valleys.

I began making candles about 9 years ago after having my first daughter Emilie. It was a bit of a creative outlet as something ‘for me’ around being a mam, and I found I absolutely loved it. I have always loved nice candles, great sophisticated scents, smells that bring back memories and nostalgia and ones that remind you of certain times of the year, being outdoors or in front of the fire. I also have a great passion for taking care of our planet and doing the best we can with small but effective steps within our daily lives that will have a long lasting effect to healing our planet.

I have sourced all the best ingredients for my candles and skincare, using local suppliers and vegan friendly oils.

Each candle is hand poured in small batches by myself using ethically sourced Rapeseed and Coconut wax, and phthalate free, vegan friendly fragrance oils. By choosing to avoid soy wax and using rapeseed, we are not contributing to mass deforestation and instead help create food for bees and a much lower carbon footprint.

Our melts are created using the same wonderful wax and fragrances, and are housed in biodegradable glassine bags, avoiding unnecessary plastic ending up in our oceans.

Our shampoo bars are also hand created in small batches using vegetable based ingredients and aloe vera, I have created five wonderful retreat scents for these bars, to give you the feeling of relaxing at a luxury spa.

My mission is to create wonderful luxury fragrances without the eye watering price tag, and help you unwind every day to take care of all your self care needs.

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Catherine Taylor Parry

I am an artist who loves the abstract qualities of the north Wales landscape. I enjoy the qualities of paint its colour and texture. I graduated from Staffordshire University with a BA Hons in Fine Art/Painting and I have a PGCE from John Moores University Liverpool. I work in both acrylic and oil paint on canvas. My practise is inspired by my surroundings, the misty mountains and beautiful distant views. My work is semi abstract ethereal suggestions of landscape. I have been exhibiting my work throughout England and Wales since leaving university and I have work in the homes of collectors across the UK and the US. I have MS and I live in a very old cottage in a village in Flintshire, with my husband, daughter and dog.

Sweet Williams

Sweet Williams started as a hobby at the dining table in 2011, after buying a sewing machine and a metre of fabric on a whim, never having sewn anything before! This hobby has evolved to a beautiful bricks and mortar store and studio in the Swansea Valley in South Wales and is constantly growing. I now stock over 100 beautiful independent retailers across the UK and in 2018 I was shortlisted for and was a runner up for the Rising Star Wales Online Women in Business Award. I am completely passionate about sewing and all things handmade and I am always thrilled when someone chooses to purchase a Sweet Williams product, as I put so much time and love into each creation. I am supported by a team of amazing individuals who help to design, create and package new products, keeping everything ‘in house’.

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Glass By Design

Angelina Hall is a stained glass artist and has been working with the medium for 30 years. She has developed a body of work inspired by Welsh culture and often depicts the landscapes and coastal scenes around South Wales. Her first love is creating statement wall panels, however also enjoys making free standing upstands and clocks A number of different techniques are used within her work including kiln fired hand painting, glass etching and mixed sheet metals creating quirky statement pieces for your wall or window.

The Rocking Sheep Company

The Rocking Sheep Company is based at the foot of Harlech Castle in the Snowdonia National Park in beautiful North Wales. What more perfect place could our flock begin their long rocking lives than in the traditional home of the sturdy Welsh mountain sheep? Inspired by Victorian illustration and the playful Spring lambs in the countryside around us, we have developed our range of unique designs. Our aim is to produce toys of heirloom quality worthy of a proud tradition and the finest you will find anywhere in the World. We are passionate about our work and don’t believe in mass production. Your sheep will be individually made especially for you. He or she will be built from start to finish by just one skilled craftsman. It will be constructed of solid natural timber and fitted with a hand tailored genuine fleece which can be completely removed for hand or machine washing. Natural fleece is very hard wearing but, if after years of active play it becomes worn, we can supply a replacement. The traditional bow rockers have a unique rubber ‘tyre’ and can be used on carpet, tile, stone or wooden floors.

Our children’s future matters a great deal to us and we’re determined to leave as small a rocker print on their planet as we can. This is why we only use manage grown renewable timber, pure wool stuffing and water based lacquers on our flock. They might not look it at first glance but our rocking sheep are green!

Black and white rocking sheep
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Elaine Jones Art

Based up in the hills just outside Llandovery I can be found in my old railway carriage

studio overlooking the Carmarthen Fans. Constantly inspired by my beautiful

surroundings I take much inspiration from my local area of Carmarthenshire. I class

myself as a self taught mixed media artist using mainly acrylics and watercolours plus

air dry clay for ooak crafts, jewellery making, needlefelting, decoupage, image

transfer, pyrography and pressed flower art. As you can tell I enjoy many mediums!


I have a passion for painting flowers, roses to be specific, as well as landscapes and

seascapes. My art can be described as quite grounded, calming and emotive.

Goats of Llandudno

My name is Mari Jones, and I live in Conwy county, and I'm a former award-winning

journalist but decided to leave journalism after 22 years to follow my dream of setting

up my own business.

After writing many Llandudno Goats stories in my local newspaper, and after seeing the

goats go viral worldwide on social media during lockdown- I realised there was an

opportunity to create gifts that would appeal to people who love the goats and the Queen

of Welsh resorts as much as I do.

The striking and somewhat cheeky Kashmiri goats who live mostly on the Great Orme

(but are also known to enjoy a frequent meander into town to have a nibble in people’s

gardens) were gifted to the seaside town by Queen Victoria to Lord Mostyn. Since then

they have thrived and now the herd is thought to be over 100 in number.

The goat designs are by award-winning illustrator Lisa Williams, from Colwyn Bay. Lisa

has illustrated countless children’s and numerous other books. The tea towels and tote

bags are hand-printed by Peris & Corr in Caernarfon. Cwtch means ‘hug’ in Wales, we

could all do with a ‘Cwtch’ during these strange times.

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Celf Young Art

Originally from Gwynedd but now residing in Cardiff. I'm a busy mum of 3

young children and only started painting during lockdown purely to help relax the

mind. I enjoy working with acrylic on canvas to create bright and colourful art, with

the aim of making people smile. I mainly create floral artwork, abstract art as well as

colourful handpainted decorations, such as hanging hearts & art on slate.

Manmane Ltd

We are an ethical cosmetic manufacturer producing products which include Male

grooming, unisex skincare salves etc.

We are based in Swansea on the edge of the Gower peninsula. Having traded since

2015 our company ethos is to produce high quality purely plant based products

which are also cruelty free and Vegan.

Hi I am Mike the Director of Manmane Ltd. The company was formed to cater for the

relatively recent customer desire for ethical, cruelty free and ethical cosmetic

market. Seven years ago I searched for a product that would take care of my beard.

What I found was that there were very few products that were in line with my

personal lifestyle, in fact, to purchase such products back then you would have to

take a gamble and ship from the U.S or Scandinavia at great cost. I saw a gap in the

market and an opportunity.

Since then we have used the same ethical standpoint to produce unisex salves and

skincare alongside our initial male grooming offering. Our products are made using

the finest plant based ingredients and handmade in small batches to ensure high

levels of consistency and quality control and are on trend to cater for shifts in the

general public’s ethical viewpoint.

The question we asked from the start was “ Why would you use animal ingredients

in your cosmetics products when you don’t need to” . We have enjoyed success and

the idea seems to resonate with a lot of people, and we have produced a line of

products that do not compromise on quality or function.

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Marlene's Welsh Cakes

I’m a working Mum of three. I have been a secondary school Biology teacher

at Whitchurch High School, Cardiff for 11 years. During my childhood I was brought

up around family business, my grandparents having a bakery/butchers in Trebanog,

Porth. My nan ‘Marlene’ (Now 86) was an amazing baker- loved by many local

customers. As a child I would assist my nan in baking, particularly cutting and

‘flipping’ the welsh cakes on the baking stoke. Growing up any family occasion was

sure to be catered with her welsh cakes, which were always unique and amazing.


During lockdown, My and was diagnosed with Bowel cancer and had a colostomy.

Many long lockdown conversations through the conservatory door brought back

memories and I decided to begin this little journey.


I have since learnt that her recipe was developed from my great grandmothers.

Liri Jewellery Ltd

Hi, I’m Natalie, the founder and designer at Liri Jewellery. I’m passionate about bringing you

sleek jewellery designs that make you feel elegant everyday. I lovingly handmake each piece

from sumptuous sterling silver, 9ct gold, and plenty of gemstones in the heart of South

Wales. Jewellery is such an emotional investment that I want to make sure you feel truly

special wearing Liri.


I’ve been a jewellery designer for 10 years and have recently returned to Wales after

5 years on the tropical island of Mauritius, where I loved nothing more than being

inspired by its natural beauty to create vibrant designs. The landscape of Wales is a

bit different but it’s still my main source of inspiration, with its rolling hills

responsible for the soothing curves you see in many of my designs.

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Karin Mear

I live in the South Wales Valleys with my partner, our son Hywel, and our naughty Jack

Russell, Max. He likes to eat cardboard so he’s banned from my studio!

All of my greeting cards are either based on my original paintings or my digital artwork.

I’m passionate about Welsh culture, history and heritage, especially the Welsh national

dress and many of my cards have Welsh themes. My range is eclectic and, I hope, reflects

my sense of humour and love of colour.

Jill Jones Design

BIO - Jill JonesBased in Pembrokeshire for the last 21 years, and working out of my purpose-built, stand-alone Studio (West Coast Studio at Talbenny) I paint in mostly oils or acrylics; a mix of seascapes and rural cottages, plus abstract impressionist pieces.I trained in Fine Art, then Design and have spent 30 years creating commercial art; returning to painting only recently, within the last few years.Since launching my website, www.jilljones.co.uk, I have been fortunate enough to be immediately invited into five Welsh galleries in just a few months and also to receive commissions.I launched a range of Giclée prints in 2020, availble currently in three sizes, (larger varying in size, but all appx 600mm wide +) and also medium, which is up to 450 x 550mm when mounted and finally “small inset” pieces, which are smaller prints, appx 220mm square, placed in large feature mounts of appx 140mm size all round, to make a statement piece of wall art when framed, for your interiors.

Across my prints range, there are currently 26 different titles and I also produce greetings cards, all produced in Wales, to accompany my originals for sale.

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Rosemary, Mint and Lemon Balm Felted Soa

Etc Wales

Hi, I am Anna Ebbutt, and 3 years ago …. I got a beautiful little cocker spaniel pup

As a good pet owner, I bought some popular brand dog washes, and was horrified to

read the list of ingredients and to smell some of the aromas coming from the



Inspired by my beautiful medicinal herb garden in the forest overlooking Tintern

Abbey, I created a range of handmade spritz, shampoos and felted soaps to leave my

dog smelling and feeling amazing… friends dogs loved it, and so it developed.


Having moved to Tintern four years ago, and having Welsh family roots, I decided to

try and take up speaking Welsh… (quite a challenge) so when developing my dog

product range I decided that I would love to try and incorporate a little bit of Welsh

as a tribute to this beautiful country.

Pembs Beard Co

Hi my name is Will, I am a family guy from Haverfordwest in Pembrokeshire in

Wales, come and Join me on my epic adventure creating new and exciting products

for men


Here in the heart of Pembrokeshire we produce men’s grooming products that are

gmo free, paraben free, sls free, cruelty free and vegan friendly, we use quality

ingredients which are hand poured in small batches to produce fresh and aromatic

cosmetic products for men


All of our products are CPSR Compliant


Many people ask “What’s your secret?”. Well, it’s really simple: love and passion. We

always try to improve ourselves and to create new and interesting Product

combinations so that we can frequently surprise our customers. And since the only

advertising we have comes from our clients’ reviews and recommendation, we guess

we're doing a pretty good job.

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Rebecca Parrin Ceramics

I gained a degree in applied Art & Design from Glyndor University in 2014, specialising in Ceramics. My sculptural pieces take inspiration from the lovely North Wales landscape which surrounds my workshop and gallery. I am interested in the effects of weather and erosion and the marks made by man on the hillsides, especially dry stone walls and the patterns made by the plough. I like to work with white stone-wear and use underglaze colours painted over with oxides. I give tuition in hand building, throwing and Raku firing from my workshop which overlooks the Clwydian hills.

Calon Lan Cakes Ltd

I began baking welshcakes with my Grandmother’s 100 year old bakestone & my mums traditional, family recipe. Through Calon Lan Cakes, I have been able to recreate the warmth and nostalgia that comes with traditional Welsh baking. Calon Lan Cakes prides itself on all of our original, delicious products. From melt in the mouth welshcakes, to traditionally made fruity bara brith. Our Make Your Own Welshcake and Bara Brith kits are immensely popular, our Make Your Own Welshcake Kit has also been awarded a prestigious Great Taste Award. Our ethos is to provide excellent products and a professional customer service whilst maintaining that extra special, personal touch, From my home to yours – I hope you enjoy my delicious recipes as much as I do.

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Little Bit Different

While planning our wedding we knew we wanted something different. It became a bit of a joke between us. We couldn’t buy ‘different’ so we decided to have a go at making our vision a reality ourselves. As much as possible was made at home incluing 50 candles in vintage shot and martini glasses. The first batch of Fresh Cut Roses scented candles were a success and twinkled the night away at our wedding reception. In 2010 ‘Little Bit Different’ was born, and in 2015 Vicky was able to give up her day job to create candles full time. With a passion for candles that not only look beautiful but smell amazing we only use top quality eco and vegan friendly soy wax and natural smell - ing UK made vegan friendly oils. We are passionate about collaborating with other small businesses so teamed up with a local illustrator who began creating gorgeous labels for us in 2018. Little Bit Different is now a real family affair with Vicky running the show and creating each candle and Chris, her husband overseeing the website and all IT and now turning label design ideas into reality. Vicky’s Mum has stepped into the role of chief label applier and even the tiniest of tiny dogs is called upon for social media mascot duties! (she is paid in treats and cosy jumpers). The children are often roped in too during school holidays too.